Takato Tamagami  1973 Born in Yokohama, Japan 1996 Graduated from Meiji University 1996 Joined Architect’s office 1999 Traveled twelve countries in Europe to visit architecture 2000 Started working as a freelance architect 2002 Established TAKATATO TAMAGAMI Architectural Design 2009 Adjunct Instructor, Nihon University    Awards  35th TOKYO SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS & BUILDING ENGINEERS COMPETITION -Selected- JCD DESIGN AWARD 2005 -Selected- JCD DESIGN AWARD 2008 -Selected- JCD DESIGN AWARD 2009 -Selected- 2nd AICA SHOP DESIGN CONTEST -Selected- SMOKER’S STYLE COMPETITION 2010 -First Prize- JCD DESIGN AWARD 2011 -Selected- JCD DESIGN AWARD 2012 -Shilver Prize- DSA DESIGN SPACE AWARD 2013 -Selected- AICA DESIGN CONTEST 2013 -Selected- 13th Kiraritohikaru kita-no kenchiku AWARD
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