From the beginning, I have been interested in an architecture of complexity — an architecture promoting difference, the pursuit of ambiguity, ideas of inclusion, the coexistence of apparent contradictions, the idiosyncratic, and the imperfect (an acknowledgement of our frailties) — work that ultimately responds to the vast and diverse forces defining the contemporary agenda. The 18 projects in this volume which were all completed in the past seven years, were selected to illustrate the continuation of this pursuit. Their programs are diverse; included are five towers, four academic buildings, four museums, two campuses, a park, a restaurant, and a laboratory building. As a group they reveal the breadth of four decades of investigation and research evolving from the generative and fertile territory of the self-defining early years, and advancing through an expansion of energies parallel to the increased scale and complexity of the work. These projects reverberate with significant pulses in the firm’s history, revealing the development and underpinnings of the Morphosis construct.
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